Oceans have around 20 million tons of gold

Article that we published recently about there being a lot of art, jewelry and sculptures buried at the bottom of the ocean because of many thousands of ships that sank over the millennia garnered a lot of response, so I thought I should shower you with another similar article today. This one is regarding gold. Oceans have around 20 million […]

Longest mountain range in the world is underwater

It’s no surprise where the thoughts of most people go when you ask them what the biggest mountain on Earth is. They all think it’s Mount Everest. Well that’s true, in the sense that Mount Everest is the planets tallest mountain. However, Mount Everest isn’t Earths biggest mountain if we’re talking about the size of the mountain range where it’s […]

Oceans have more historical artifacts than all museums combined

Have you ever wondered how many ancient ships have found themselves at the bottom of the ocean? Over the centuries, there has been many shipwrecks that took with them down to the bottom of the oceans many different treasures. By treasures I’m not only referring to things like gold, if that’s where your mind went. No, what I’m talking about […]