There are a total of 4 efforts that the Clipperton Project initiative is focusing on at the moment, videography, beach cleanup events, spreading the word and deepening our understanding of the worlds oceans. From time to time we might dwell into additional small scale side-projects, depending on what kind of new ideas are brought forward by the members.


Videography – many members of the Clipperton Project are passionate photographers and fans of the video art form. We are currently coordinating about a dozen videography projects around the world whose goal is to record the beauty of the oceans. Soon we’re going to be publishing some amazing looking footage of the oceans captured with drones. It’s cheaper to use these little gadgets to capture video than it is to rent helicopters. We hope they will take our video making efforts on a whole new level.




Beach cleanup events – since we care deeply about the oceans, and beaches are a link between us and the oceans, we don’t want to see them riddled with trash. That is why we try to promote beach cleanup events for our members to setup. Not just for the sake of keeping the beaches clean, but also to promote togetherness between people. We’re too caught up in our everyday lives, alienated, and we want to put a stop to that.




Spreading the word – not that we’re a cult or anything like that, but one of the more important project goals of the Clipperton Project is spreading the word about the importance of keeping the oceans alive. One way that you as a member of the cause is by talking to people locally, your family, friends, and others in your local community. Setup talks, lectures, workshops and talk with people about the oceans and all the dangers that they are currently in.





Learning about the oceans – did you know that we have only explored about 5% of oceans? Remaining 95% is still a huge mystery. We’re talking about missions to Mars, but there’s still plenty of places to explore here on Earth. We are cooperating with researches and helping finance exploratory submarine expeditions to help us find out what the remaining 95% of the oceans have hidden.