We are a global team of eco-activists who are focusing their efforts on making the world see the beauty of the oceans and to bring to light all the dangers that are currently threatening the existence of the animal species in the oceans. Being the nature loving folks that we are, we are aware of the importance of the oceans. They are not just nice to look at, but they maintain our climate, determine weather and provide food.

My name is Kristen Snyder and I’m the head organizer here at the Clipperton Project. There are currently 14 chapters of our little project currently active all around the world. Our project goals can be read up on in more detail on the Our Projects page. Everything you’ll want to know about what we do and what our current activities are can be found there.

As for the Clipperton Project itself, we started as a spur of a moment type of thing during beach cleanup event here in California where I reside. A couple of us regulars, including yours truly, got together and starting talking about starting an global initiative whose goal would be spreading the word on the importance of oceans. That’s when we quickly came up with the idea of Clipperton Project and the rest is history.

Now we are decently sized network of individuals who are doing their best to protect the oceans, in their own respective countries and their own respective circumstances. We hope you’ll join us too. Even if you don’t we hope you enjoy our website.